Sempeck Lanes - A New Beginning
Sempeck Lanes opened last night.

The new facility is about 4 times as large as the old location. The place was so full that there was nowhere to park. There were cars parked on sidewalks and across the road at the Menard's. All 40 bowling lanes were full. Every seat in the restaurant was filled. There were the same smiling faces we have come to love and plenty of new ones to meet. I walked around, gave hugs to our friends and talked to Steve the owner for a bit. The look of satisfaction on his face was great to see.

The new surroundings stuck out quite a bit but the same family familiarity was there. The same food menu, the same core service staff. 10 of us had dinner and drink last night and the wings never tasted better. The feeling was spectacular. We talked about getting gatherings going there once again. Steve is excited about us coming there to bowl in suit.. and wants to see us riding the go-karts.

It is home once again.

Hello February
I'm SNap
Its been a good year so far. I have been very busy with the real job and am constantly working on fursuit projects for others. There seems to be no end to people who need Lion suits/heads. After I finish up the one I am working on now, I begin work on another. Luckily I get to work on a black tiger for someone later on so that will break it up a bit. In my 3 days off from PayPal, I usually work on costuming about a day and a half. Soon I may have to step that up a bit as demand goes up. Bowtie fixed an old sewing machine I had... it was a timing issue. I am so glad he is here! 2.5 machines ready to work is a heck of an insurance policy. All the 3rd one needs is a new presser foot.

After talking and listening to a few friends, I lowered my pricing on the ByCats4Cats website to where it reflects my actual ability. With all of the work I have done since August of last year, I have made patterns and gotten a bit faster making hands, feet and heads. Feet are still the most bothersome, but they sure do come out nice.

Even with the fursuit work, money has been very tight. The PayPal gig is great but nowhere near what I was making before. We are looking to move into a cheaper apartment and are cutting back on a lot of things. Of course the tax refund will help with a bit of moving and RCFM expenses but will have to be carefully budgeted.

Bowtie is still working at Biomat, messing around with people's plasma. We are enjoying our time with friends when we can and anxiously awaiting spring and warm weather to get here. Time to get back some of that skin color I lost way back in October!

for fun here is a cat with 4 ears.

MARF head

Today I received a letter from the local Electrical provider that due to my excellent payment record, my deposit being held has been credited to my account. I have no clue when I made this deposit... it had to have been when I secured my first apartment around 15 years ago. As a result, I received a credit of $159.50 plus $39.03 of deposit interest applied.

I guess my electrical bill is paid for the next 3 months.


I am now am employee of Paypal/Ebay.
I start November 16th.
Training is Mon-Fri for 4 weeks then I will be Tues-Fri 10 hours a day getting Sat, Sun and Monday off.

It sounds pretty darn good to me.

The interview with Paypal went super good. I didn't give them one reason not to hire me and a plethera of positive reasons.

Keeping positive! hope to know by tuesday at the latest. Tomorrow is the 911 operator assesment test.
Next week I interview with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture Division of Weights and Measures to be an Agricultural Inspection Specialist. That was a mouthful.

Saber Tooth Cat

orange arms
Whodey got an update?

hmm. VERY fuzzy. looks more like a stuffed animal.


Moar time on my hands
I don't have any fursuit projects to work on so I made a shroud for when I airbrush things.
I finally got my compressor and brushes out from years of unuse.

practiced by re-adding some stripes on one of my tigers that faded off years ago.
will need some finer tips soon.

Tzup Dreams About CHili

Living HIGH
Look Up
I have a new butler!

Lions Foxes make the best servants.


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